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Workers Compensation

Thanks for serving us so kindly over the past few years. You were always very helpful.

-- Ralph and Gayle R.

Workers Compensation – Protect Your Employees, Protect Yourself

Workers compensation insurance is a great tool – a virtual necessity for any employer. And it’s mandatory in New York.

Before workers compensation was developed, a worker injured on the job had little recourse except to sue his boss – you – to pay for treatment and any ongoing disability. If he succeeded, the boss – you – had to pay high damages, and still go through the cost and hassle of a legal proceeding. You might even be held liable for punitive damages.

With workers compensation, an injured employee files a claim – be it a permanent disability or a relatively minor problem requiring a doctor’s visit – and he gets medical and wage benefits.

You don’t lose a valued employee, and you don’t lose your shirt in a lawsuit. You win both ways.