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Long-Term Care

We want you to know how extremely grateful we are for your meticulous attention even to minor details. We were touched to receive a reimbursement of a sum less than $5 from you, knowing that the work involved  in sending the money to us was probably worth more than the reimbursement.

-- Erik and Christina E.

Frequently Asked Questions

Long-Term Care – At Any Point in Your Life

Long-term care (n.) – Medical assistance that lasts in excess of 90 days.

And you’re probably not covered for it. Most policies cover short-term care – care in a nursing home, assisted living facility or by a home health aide for 90 days or less. That’s useful if you’re recovering from surgery, or an accident or injury.

But what if you need care longer than that? Here’s what the AARP says it costs in New York if you don’t have long-term care insurance:

Assisted Living Facility: $36,028 a year.
Nursing Home: $134,320 a year.
Home Health Aide: $20 an hour.
Adult Day Care: $90 an hour.

At those rates, you’ll blow through your life savings in a matter of months. Maybe just a year or two.

So plan now. The younger you are when you acquire long-term care insurance, the less it costs. And should you need that care when you’re 40, or 50, or 60, it’ll be there.