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Renters Insurance

Thanks for serving us so kindly over the past few years. You were always very helpful.

-- Ralph and Gayle R.

Renters Insurance – It’s Not Your House, But They’re Your Belongings

Landlords have insurance on their buildings in case something goes wrong. But their policy doesn’t cover your belongings. You need renters insurance.

Even if you haven’t yet invested in a home, you’ve probably invested in most of the stuff that goes inside one: a television, perhaps, or a computer. Furniture, clothes, maybe even appliances.

And in case of a fire or natural disaster, you’ll lose all of it if you’re not insured.

Gordon B. Roberts will find the policy that covers what you need. And we’ll look at all aspects of your life, to see whether you need special coverage that a typical renters policy doesn’t cover.

Just because you don’t own a house doesn’t mean you don’t have a home.