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Valuable Items

We want you to know how extremely grateful we are for your meticulous attention even to minor details. We were touched to receive a reimbursement of a sum less than $5 from you, knowing that the work involved  in sending the money to us was probably worth more than the reimbursement.

-- Erik and Christina E.

Valuable Items – Valuable Coverage

Homeowners policies go only so far. That expensive jewelry may be worth more than your existing policy will cover. And how do you protect that baseball card collection that’s worth a small fortune, or those first-edition books, or that artwork you’ve been collecting?

The first thing you’ll need to do is get your valuables appraised. And then you’ll need to review your homeowners policy to see how much it covers. And you’ll still need to figure out the best way to cover the gap. We’ll help you through that process.